Behind the bunnies

SneakyBunnies is a Black-owned art studio with a playful take on anime, gaming, comics, and more! Her Sneaky Bunnies style will bring a smile to your face and her designs will be sure to have you hopping back to the booth.

Sneaky Bunnies aka Ash-GM; is an Oakland based artist who studied in Visual development and Animation. Specializing in the Digital art medium, She's Drawn for Online media campaigns and Printed Design projects. She attended her very first Artist Alley event as a booth artist in Conchord, Ca-2019. 

She strives to make a space where everybunny feels welcomed and share the message that diversity in art is needed and wanted in the industry.


Picture of Ash-GM sneakybunnies booth


How did you get into Art?

I've loved art since I was about 3 years old. I loved coloring on construction paper and telling stories with my crayon drawings. My Mother and Father would always sit and let me share the drawings and tell the stories that went with them, and they laughed and smiled. And that love and respect they gave to me as a little girl, let me know this is what I wanted to do; Draw stuff to make people smile, to share stories that make people happy.  

What Products do you sale?

I sale:

  • Digital Prints of hand drawn artwork in Poster(11x17in) and Post Card(4x6in) and Specialty size of SlimCut Poster(4x17in).
  • Acrylic charms and Pinback Pins, each come with protective film over them.
  • Sticker sheets(multiple stickers on one sheet 4x6in sheet)
  •  Holographic Stickers die cut stickers


 What are your other hobbies?

Gaming and reading Comic/Manga. If I'm not drawing, I'm almost always playing video games; my favorite Game is Terarria and The legend of Zelda series. I am also a very avid table top gamer, I love playing Pathfinder and Savage Worlds. 

I've been a huge reader of comics since I was child. The very first comic I ever received was an Archie comic, from dad. My first hero comic was Batman #502, also from dad! My first and still favorite till this day Manga is; Sailor Moon!